Philadelphia Mural Arts Series: Reef the Lost Cauze

Published On March 29, 2014 |

“It made me want to do more with my art, it made me want to try to be a little bit more proactive in showing what I had to offer.”

- Reef the Lost Cauze

In the final video of the three-part Philadelphia Mural Arts Series we met with MC Reef the Lost Cauze to discuss what the program has meant to the city through his eyes. Reef chose the Lincoln Legacy Project mural to speak under, the city’s largest mural was designed and completed by the work of students from five local schools in collaboration with muralist Joshua Sarantitis. A vibrant and charismatic personality, Reef lends a multitude of thanks and appreciation for all that the Mural Arts Program has been able to do, and was even able to drop an on-the-spot freestyle to express his gratitude. As Reef explains it, this program pulls history, art and education together in a unique way that will continue to spark the curiosity and imaginations of future generations to come.

To donate in support of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and the inspiring work they provide, please visit their website. Also, find time to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts before April 6th to check out their interactive Beyond the Paint exhibit in celebration of the anniversary.



A very special thanks to the collective of video creatives at Electric Tweed  for their outstanding work on the production of each these videos.


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