Philadelphia Mural Arts Series: Rich Medina

Published On March 25, 2014 |

“When you take natural, God-given talent and put it with a military type of work ethic…that’s where greatness is born.”

- Rich Medina


Sparked by the devotion of muralist Jane Golden in 1984, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program provided a way to re-channel the creative ambitions of graffiti artists across the city in a positive, community-oriented direction. Not only did Golden hold an appreciation for the artistic talents she discovered in the youth that she worked with, but she was astounded to recognize the unlimited potential which had been stirred when their passionate, imaginative, and inventive minds came together. Thirty years later, the program continues to unite creative youth of the Philadelphia community towards a positive artistic effort.

In celebration of the program’s 30th Anniversary, we were elated when asked to collaborate on a series of videos which help tell what the program means to our city.  We spoke with a number of artists to grasp their personal views on the significance of the program and were astonished to learn just how much inspiration these walls provide.

In this first installment of the series, we caught up with accomplished hip-hop DJ Rich Medina. Medina’s revered talents have carried him across the globe, but to this day he roots his creative success in the blue-collar work ethic he honed early on, coming up through Philadelphia.  Standing beneath the larger-than-life “Dr. J Mural”, Medina discusses the values he learned from his childhood idol, Julius Erving, and further explains the vitality of the Mural Arts Program as an inspiration to the youth of Philadelphia.


To donate in support of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and the inspiring work they provide, please visit their website. Also, find time to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts before April 6th to check out their interactive Beyond the Paint exhibit in celebration of the anniversary.

A very special thanks to the collective of video creatives at Electric Tweed  for their outstanding work on the production of each these videos.



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