Zachary Armstrong

The Artisan Series: Caste Quality & Zachary Armstrong

Published On February 22, 2014 |

“I got in a real bad car wreck one time, I think I was about twenty-one, and I realized that I didn’t want to die with some shit construction job as a background, I quit the job that I was working and I really just started making artwork.”

- Zachary Armstrong  


In arrangement for the Spring 2014 release of Paradigm Vol. I: Genesis we have been fortunate to take on a collaborative project with the creative minds at Caste Quality and artist Zachary Armstrong.  In the video short below, Armstrong  provides insight regarding his hands-on creative approach, committing his life to the artistic endeavor, and maintaining a childlike imagination as he continues to grow as an artist and human being.  The work seen in the short will be exclusively featured in the book Paradigm Vol. I: Genesis alongside a photoessay written by Caste Quality’s Zander Taketomo.  In congruence the release of our first print publication, we will also be collaborating with Caste Quality in the creation of limited edition tote bag.




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